To work hand in hand, helping children build a foundation and creating opportunities for their ultimate success and well being.

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Back to School Drive

Halimah’s Helping Hands annual Back-to-School Drive is an initiative geared towards equipping underprivileged school children throughout Trinidad and Tobago with their basic educational needs. It aims to motivate the learning process and refines the attitudes of children towards their education in order to ensure a more solid foundation for their future.

Poverty and Education

Each year, increasing numbers of children are entering schools with circumstances associated with poverty. “Poverty is considered a major at-risk factor in a child’s education. Leroy &. Symes, (2001). Factors such as ; very young , single or low educational level parents, unemployment, abuse and neglect, substance abuse, dangerous neighbourhoods, homelessness, frequent mobility...


Special Cases

Apart from our core objective of providing schoolbooks and supplies to our nation’s underprivileged children, Halimah’s Helping Hands also involves itself in assisting our local and regional communities in areas where assistance is needed. From national/ regional disasters to the provision of food hampers, clothes, medical supplies, ‘Zakaat’ distribution, home construction/repairs and general assistance, HHH, as our name connotes, continues to help the family of humanity wherever possible...