Special Cases

Apart from our core objective of providing schoolbooks and supplies to our nation’s underprivileged children, Halimah’s Helping Hands also involves itself in assisting our local and regional communities in areas where assistance is needed. From national/ regional disasters to the provision of food hampers, clothes, medical supplies, ‘Zakaat’ distribution, home construction/repairs and general assistance, HHH, as our name connotes, continues to help the family of humanity wherever possible.


On a quarterly basis HHH packs food hampers provided by Happi consisting of basic food supplies and toiletries to as many underprivileged homes as possible. This is financed by our general funds, which is collected from the generous donations of well-wishers in our community.

This year almost two hundred separate food hampers were distributed to needy ‘Zakaat’ cases throughout our country through various Jamaats. This was funded by the Zakaat collected for the 2017-2018 period.


Over the period 2016-2018, HHH has assisted in the following:
 a) Constructed a wooden, two bedroom home for a needy family of nine in the Arouca district.
 b) Refurbished and repaired the house of a poor family in the Arima district. The entire roof of this house was changed, together with electrical and other major infrastructural works.
 c) Installed windows and tiles to a home in the central district, providing relief to a family who were exposed to the elements of nature.

These and other smaller projects were financed by our Zakaat funds.


After the devastating hurricane Maria passed over the island in 2017 contact was made with the principals of schools on the island. Their most pressing need was stationery and school bags which HHH has prepared and is ready to ship. Due to their extensive infrastructural damage, administrative protocols on the island and delays in getting prompt feedback, our packages have not yet arrived on the island. This we expect to have done in the earliest possible time which is scheduled for the 6 th August, 2018 for the academic year of 2018-2019.


Medical supplies, linen and clothing were sent to some needy homes in Venezuela in 2018.

A cash donation was sent to victims of the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh through our local facilitators. This assisted in purchasing blankets and food supplies for the affected refugees.


Every year we pack bulk stationery supplies and send to deserving schools to assist in our ‘Back to School Drive’. HHH continues to assist wherever possible, all calls for help that are requested of us. From assisting students with their primary education, Islamic studies or even tertiary education and upkeep, we try as far as our limited funds can afford to make a difference in the lives of those who call on us.